Colour Is

David Batchelor

The World In Folkestone

Ann Morgan

Public Art In Folkestone - What's The Point?

Sarah Hagues



Apr – May 2022

Author and literary explorer Ann Morgan presents a series of conversations with local residents from diverse backgrounds who have all changed Folkestone in some way, tracing the international threads that make it the complex, intriguing and vibrant place it is today.⁠


The World In Folkestone – Episode One: In Conversation With Aida Silvestri

Ann Morgan
30 Apr 2022

In Episode One, Morgan speaks to Eritrean-Italian Folkestone artist Aida Sylvestri, whose project ‘Why Folkestone?’ mapped the journeys many residents had made to live in the town.

The World In Folkestone – Episode Two: In Conversation With Eamonn Rooney

Ann Morgan
7 May 2022

In Episode Two, Morgan speaks to local historian Eamonn Rooney, who moved to Folkestone from Northern Ireland in the 1960s and is the author of ‘Folkestone and the Belgian Refugees During World War One’.



Sounds Of Solace

Sounds Of Solace

A series of conversations encouraging Folkestone residents to share the impact that one song had on them throughout the global pandemic.


This Week in Folkestone

Mini Doc #2

My Future History



We have a suite of bespoke facilities & diverse skill ranges to help you deliver your vision

Our Facilities are all well-located within the heart of Folkestone’s Creative Quarter: Risograph Duplicator (duo-drum) with over 5 colours, Flexible Gallery & Project Space suitable for exhibitions & events, High quality Live & Work Residency Accommodation, Audio-Visual Equipment, Digitising Studio (all facilities are available for hire)

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Residencies & Exchange

CT20 offers two different residencies: Themed Research Residencies & OPEN Residencies

Our residency facility accommodates up to two creative practitioners at any time. It encourages practitioners from all different disciplines (eg: creative-writing, music, visual arts, choreography, moving-image, curation to cultural research…) to test new ideas whilst being immersed in Folkestone’s unique cultural contexts and supported by CT20’s creative team and a thriving artistic community.

The Themed Research Residencies are developed & funded by CT20 to generate specific outcomes with residents selected via open-calls or invitation. 

The OPEN Residencies is a self-funded programme that invites applications from all backgrounds to develop new work for a period up to three months. We encourage artists and curators to discuss potential projects and funding plans as early as possible. Applications are on a rolling basis and the next submission deadline is:

Monday 15 Aug 2022 for residency taking place in Dec 22 – Mar 23