Building/Burning Bridges


2019 Curatorial Residency Programme

Opening: Friday 25 October 2019, 6-8pm

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A continuous renewal of communication. An endless cycle, it seems, of destruction feeding the growth. The Ouroboros can be a functional model only in a complex fine-tuned ecosystem, where consumption has been adjusted to the level of production through countless errors and trials, as well as fail-safe mechanisms.

The project places Folkestone’s position and context within a complex networked narrative that touches upon themes of borders, building walls, bridges, commerce, transport, migration, capitalism, overconsumption and ecology.

Superimposing historical layers gives us a complex, fluctuating image of Folkestone Harbour. Early presence of Romans kick-starts the polarised relationship between Albion and Europa. Then the expansion of the harbour as a defence point against the French. It seems that the growth has been both fed, and slumped by the fragile and the ever changing relationship with the opposite coast. The creation of the channel tunnel, a mere 8 miles away, on a larger scale was a step towards a better connection with the neighbouring countries; however, locally, it prompted the removal of the ferry line. How do all these temporal layers connect with the present, and most importantly, the future? It is quite hard to imagine that the UK can grow by becoming a more independent country, an island. Or that the UK, EU and the rest of the world can deal with the challenges that the future holds for us, as separate entities.

Maybe I’m looking at this from a wrong angle, maybe it is not a succession of phases: hostile vs amicable, but a continual and simultaneous push and pull. Building and burning the bridges. Chewing on that hand that feeds, as long as it is regenerating at the same pace.

Artists: Mira Albrecht, Andre Benes, Joff Insole, Mark Millsted, Admire Ncube, Matt Rowe, Edward Sanders


Images by Nina Shen

PUPs is Belgo-Lithuanian artist-curator duo from London.

HPCT20 2019’s Curatorial Residency Programme was a rolling programme of one month residencies inviting curatorial proposals from all practitioners, including those working in the visual arts, performance, architecture and design to research and execute an exhibition project in Folkestone.