Artist Curated Film Screenings

Mick Williamson, Amalia Pascal & Hannah Prizeman

Prescient Pool 2019
25 July-30 August 2019
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Throughout July to September 2019, CT20 invited artists and participants of Prescient Pool 2019 to share a series of films that have been significant and influential to their work.

Screening #1: The Other Day (El Otra Día) | Ignacio Agüero | 2013 | Chile

Curated by Amalia Pascal
Thursday 25 July, 8-10pm

Beautifully photographed, ‘The Other Day’ is a documentary that weaves together the profound with the intimacy of the ordinary, personal and national histories, Chile’s economic realities and identity via the most low-key of approaches: the film is shot primarily inside his home and through a door that leads to the street, opening up a sequence of relationships through encounters with strangers who come knocking.

Screening & Installation #2: Notes From The Underlands | Romily Alice Walden | 2019 | UK

Curated by Hannah Prizeman

Friday 26 July, 5-9pm

Notes From The Underlands is a performative text from the depths of queer disability culture. It is both a future-orientated vision of a sick, disabled and care-giving Utopia, and an urgent call to action in the now. The text is performed through video, audio, large-scale print and subtitles; challenging the notion that the body must be physically present (and abled) in order to perform.

Screening #3: Making Do and Getting By | Richard Wentworth

Curated by Mick Williamson

Friday 30 August, 7-9pm

Making Do and Getting By registers chance encounters of oddities and discrepancies in the modern landscape. Known for his photographic series, Wentworth explores the nuances of modern life and the human role therein. Mundane snapshots and fragments of the modern landscape are elevated to an analysis of human resourcefulness and improvisation, whereby amusing oddities that would otherwise go by unnoticed become the subject of intent contemplation.

Gallery image credits:
[1]: Still from ‘El Otra Día’ by Ignacio Agüero
[2 & 4]: Nina Shen-Poblete
[3]: Hannah Prizeman
[5]: Still from ‘Making Do and Getting by’ by Richard Wentworth

Prescient Pool (PP) was a series of collaborative public engagement events and art commissions inspired by people’s experiences and stories in Folkestone. Between April and September 2019, CT20 Projects made three new commissions: Amalia Pascal, Joff Insole, Jacob Bray and Jemma Wead. Initially inspired by the research and archive published under “Transitions” by Pavement Pounders, PP became its own depository of vernacular and symbolic stories contributed by people in Folkestone, presented and reinterpreted to make this heritage available to a whole new generation.⁠