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Untitled ‘A’

Digital print



420 mm (W) X 297 mm (H)

Limited Editions of 30 (each)

‘Untitled’ is a limited edition of black and white digital prints produced for (PP) Prescient Pool 2019 by the Chilean artist, Amalia Pascal.

This photograph has been co-selected by the curators of PP19 and the artist, to be made available as affordable limited editions. 

Each print will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, numbered, dated and signed by the artist.

30 in stock

Amalia Pascal’s practice mediates between art and heritage in order to reactivate social dynamics through research. Using dialogue as a creative tool, she creates collaborative propositions that encourage the expression of lived experiences and creates safe places where art practices and communities can co-develop, reflect and signify the inhabited place, with projects and processes rooted in local traditions. For PP19 (Prescient Pool 2019) Amalia Pascal arrived in Folkestone as a complete stranger - as someone without any prior physical experience of the place. Through a psychogeographical experiment she recorded and followed a trail built in absentia, photographing and mapping to build an idea of the place, pairing intuitive responses with the logic of google map, and the stories of those she found on the ground. These two photographs are part of this exercise and provide an unique opportunity to access Pascal’s process.
Amalia Pascal is a Chilean artist who specializes in cultural projects that connect different communities and cultural organizations in relation to artistic mediation, art, and heritage. Reactivating social dynamics using art, dialogue as creative tools through collaborative propositions. Encouraging experience and creating safe places where art practice and communities can co-develop, reflect and signify the inhabited place with project processes based on local traditions and collaboration.

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