Public Art In Folkestone – Whats The Point?

Sarah Hagues

February 5, 2022
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A new 3 part series of conversations exploring the role & value of public art in Folkestone, hosted by local resident, Sarah Hagues.

Presenting questions raised by the public about the public space and the role of public art in our town to artists, curators, and a group of teenagers from Syria, Sarah draws our attention to a hugely diverse repertoire of art in public spaces beyond the Triennial artworks. The discussions delve into our relationship to art, the impact of gentrification, the future of public art, and what good it actually does for a seaside town.

‘If you’ve got really interesting art, wherever it might be, there is an opportunity for people to get engaged with it. Maybe not en masse, but who cares? Maybe one kid sees something and thinks, ‘That’s interesting’, and they go on to pursue it…’- Terry Smith

In Episode One, three local artists and residents discussed community engagement with public art, funding for artists, and what impacts there are on gentrification. Multidisciplinary artist Terry Smith, textile artist Di Burns, and performance artist Ernst Fischer join Sarah Hagues as she asks, ‘Public art in Folkestone, what’s the point?’
In Episode Two, Hagues is joined by three curators with a relationship to the local area. Chairman of the Institute for Public Art and curator of the 2014, 2017 and 2021 Folkestone Triennials Lewis Biggs, Artistic Director and Founder of Strange Cargo Arts Brigitte Orasinski, and economist/2021 Folkestone Triennial artist Christopher Houghton-Budd discuss placemaking and the impact of public art in a seaside town.

‘Art starts from your heart, it’s from inside. It doesn’t matter if your country cares about art, the way you treat art describes your personality. Art is the most beautiful thing in life. Music, drawing, dancing, even food…’

In Episode Three ‘Art and Culture: What It Means To Me’, Hagues hosts a conversation with two people who left their home countries and now live in Folkestone. They discuss the impacts of public art in Iran and Syria, and how art and culture makes a place a home.

Live broadcast programme on 105.9 Academy FM Radio: Saturday 05 Feb 3pm: Episode 1 – Sarah Hagues in conversation with Terry Smith, Di Burns and Ernst Fischer Saturday 12 Feb 3pm: Episode 2 – Sarah Hagues in conversation with Lewis Biggs, Brigitte Orasinski and Christopher Houghton-Budd Saturday 19 Feb 3pm: Episode 3 – ‘Art and Culture: What It Means To Me’

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